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Owner of Dopeports Raul Vargas

Raul Vargas - @rvargasphotography

Raul Vargas - @rvargasphotography

I purchased a camera in April of 2017 

To take pictures of adoptable rescue dogs from a dog rescue in queens ny , In July of 2017 I went to my first portrait meet up 

And I fell in love with portraits .

In October 2017 I founded @dopeports

To showcase ethnic and smaller portrait photographer & model accounts that do not get featured on other feature pages .

In 2019 I’ve put some more into my own portrait work and getting better but not as much as I should have, I spent a majority of the last 2 years focusing on dopeports and building the community and that has been successful . 

But in 2020 and beyond I’m looking to elevate to the next level  With my own work , I look forward to the future of dopeports , my work and my photography sister @cindytrinispice Work and feature page  @her.ports becoming more successful in 2020.

I’m Determined to climb the ladder of success in 2020 I hope to see some of my loyal supporters at the top with me . 

Head moderator Cindy Holder


First I want to start by saying. “I’m more than just a camera...I’m a human with a heart”. With that out the way. Hello, my name is Cindy Holder and I’m one of NYCs favorite female photographers. I’ve always been into Arts and Music. A lot of my ideas come from music or art. Drawing from young, then onto getting my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Communication Design. So about 3 years ago I decided to stop designing and focus on photography mainly Portrait Photography. 

The idea of creating beauty and freezing it was rewarding. Also getting to move away from behind my computer more often. I also love landscape photography which I call therapy photography as well.

Upon meeting Raul and the OG crew I was determined to shoot more and learn how I can produce more polished images. He asked me to join him as his head Moderator for Dopeports. We both felt that our community lacked proper representation of “brown” people. Or even the little guy with less that 6k followers. I was down, I made the logo and we took off. No looking back, seeing what Dopeports has become is such a blessing. Making a great friend as Raul is also a plus. Eventually I felt that female creatives needed a space similar so Rozeeday and I created Her.ports and began having our “All Women’s” events. I’m also thrilled to see that doing well. 

With so much areas covered I had to look back at my skills. Am I becoming a better photographer and retoucher? I was but feel I needed to express another side. So I created Her.erotic which I recently did my first shoot for. So look out for that endeavor. It’s gonna be spicy. 

Photography for me has its ups and downs. I get creative then at times need breaks. But most creative do. I let everyday issues disturb my focus. I know see why so many artist go into solitude. But I’m planning to share my knowledge. One future goal I have is to host workshops and teach what I know to newer photographers and models that seriously want to become photographers. 

Photography is my passion. I’m not doing this for money, clout or popularity. I’m doing this for myself. So back to being a human with a heart. Find what you love and do it. Study, feel it, breathe it and apply your energy to that passion. Just do it! 




I @rvargasphotography founded dopeports in oct of 2017 , I felt like there was not enough black, Latin, and other nationalities photographers and models  being featured by other well known pages so I started my own page , with @cindytrinispice as my head moderator . We have gained a following of 18 k in less then two years and have held over 30 meets all over the eastcoast and will be planning our first international meet in 2020. 

you can follow us at the following sites

Meet ups and workshops

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Dopeports meet ups and workshops


Dopeports Photography workshop

4 pm - 7 pm

Queens NY

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Dopeports Photography workshop

Dopeports first photography workshop 4-7 we will be going over composition,lighting,model posing and more . 

4 pm - 7 pm

Queens NY